A short history of the wedding ring

When you get married, it's pretty likely you'll be getting yourself a new wedding ring - but why do we wear them? And where does the tradition come from?

Well, wedding rings, it seems, have been in use since before 6,000 BC and there is evidence that the Ancient Egyptians wore them on the fourth fingers of their left hands. This is because they believed that this finger led directly to the heart. The tradition continued in Greek and Roman societies and was continued once Christianity was established and has been used ever since in marriages all over the world. Wedding rings are also used within Judaism and there are references to wedding rings within the Old Testament. 

In Western Culture, wedding rings have been traditionally worn by women and it's only fairly recently that men have joined in and started wearing them too. Traditionally a wedding ring is made of a precious metal (usually gold) and is a plan gold band, with the circle denoting eternity. 

There are so many options nowadays when it comes to wedding rings - from people who have their rings tattooed on, to platinum, silver and even silicone! The most popular type of wedding ring tends to be platinum or white gold and there is a new trend for women (and men) to have diamonds embedded in their rings, or to have engraving on the inside of the ring, often with the date of the wedding.

One tradition that endures is that the best man is usually entrusted to look after them - let's hope that yours manages to keep them safe! 

A short history of the wedding ring

Both Gary and I would like to thank you and congratulate you for a wonderful evening. We both really appreciate all your efforts in making the experience true to an actual wedding day. Please pass on our thanks to the chefs, we were blown away with the quality, presentation and flavour. We were pleasantly surprised at the size of the portions for each course, absolutely perfect. The evening only proved to excel our excitement for our day with you.

Kerry and Garry

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