The Ultimate Guide To Having Children At Your Wedding

Getting married can bring up a whole host of questions that you never thought you’d be asking yourself, and the sensitive question of whether you’re going to be having children at your wedding is one that is often commented on as the most tricky.

Having children involved in a wedding can absolutely make the day even more special - there’s not a lot cuter than tiny little faces dressed up to the nines, and flower girls and page boys can really add an extra special touch to the ceremony.

However, not all weddings are suited to the needs of children; having children at your wedding is a lot more than just simply adding their names to the guest list, it’s important to take all of the necessary measures to avoid bored, tired, and even tearful little ones!

The decision

Whether you’re adamant that you want to include children in your big day or you’re sure that you want it to be an adult-only affair, the decision is completely personal to you. After all, it is your wedding day.

It is always best to make this decision as early on in the wedding planning stages as possible, though, so that parents can make babysitter plans if children will not be attending and you have plenty of time to make suitable arrangements if you will be including them.

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Having children in the wedding

Weddings - and, in particular, wedding ceremonies - can be long and boring for children, so including them in your ceremony as ring bearers and flower girls can make the nuptials a little bit less tiresome.

If the younger ones in your life are a bit too old to be flower girls and page boys, older children can be bridesmaids and ushers and be in charge of other duties like passing around the guest book, giving out wedding cake, taking photos, and welcoming guests.


During the ceremony, seating children with their parents will allow them to be able to be taken outside quickly if needs be and, because of this, sitting parents with young children nearer the back of the ceremony can work well.

After the ceremony, it can be a nice idea to seat children around age 5+ with each other as they could enjoy the social interaction with people nearer their own age.

Photo credit: Hannah Dougal Art & Photography

Child-friendly areas

If you’re going to be having more that just a few children at your wedding, you may even like to consider hiring a nanny for the big day so that parents can relax during the event and little ones can have an experience tailored to their own needs!

In the case that your budget won’t stretch far enough to cover the costs of a nanny, having an area of your wedding venue set aside especially for children is still a good idea. This area could include things like a television, some arts and crafts, toys, and games suitable for the ages of the littles ones attending.

Similarly, having a safe outdoor area for little ones to be able to blow off some steam is always going to be a bonus. Lawn games and activities like hopscotch, croquet, skittles, and treasure hunts will go down a treat with children (and even adults!) and they’re each simple to get set up.

Regardless of if you decide you’d like to invite the little ones or not, Holbrook Manor will be able to accommodate your needs, whether it be an adult-only, candlelit affair, or a party for all! You can find out more about holding your wedding at Holbrook Manor here.

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