5 Benefits Of Having An Autumn Wedding

Choosing your wedding season can be tricky; there are certainly pros and cons to getting married in whichever season you choose and only you can decide on what is best for you.

Regardless of the season in which you decide to tie the knot, you’ll have to consider what you want from your wedding: a rainy winter wedding isn’t likely to be a great choice for those who want an outdoor ceremony in the same way that summer isn’t the best option for those who want the majority of their guest list to be able to attend.

While each season has its perks, in this blog post we’re going to be looking at why autumn weddings can be a spectacular choice.

You can choose from stunning foliage
Peonies are gorgeous for summer weddings and mistletoe is a staple at most winter weddings, but flowers and plants really come into their own during the autumn.

Dahlias, Gypsophilia, and Dill are just the tip of the beautiful iceberg when it comes to autumn’s floral delights, not to mention adding autumnal leaves to your bouquet and decor is always absolutely stunning! They look incredible as a backdrop to wedding photos, too...

The culinary options
They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach and nothing tops off a great wedding ceremony like a delicious wedding breakfast. Autumn brings so many foodie delights and the colder edge to the weather will certainly enhance this.

With an autumn wedding, you can leave cold salads in the previous season and opt for warming tomato soup and hot chocolate for your guests. Comfort foods like pumpkin pie and roast dinners are all on the cards, giving you endless options for your wedding breakfast and evening food. 

It’s no longer holiday season
While weddings are first and foremost about the connection between those tying the knot, having your nearest and dearest around you while you make the ultimate commitment is another beautiful part of the day.

Spring, summer, and winter can be really difficult when it comes to getting all of your desired guests together, but this is less so the case in the autumn as your guest list will not be as likely to have holidays planned. That’s not to say that you’ll not have a few guests going on holiday (or attending other weddings!) in September or October, but it’s not as much of a common problem in the autumn. 

The same goes for winter weddings nearer the Christmas period; lots of people will travel during Christmas time to spend the season with their loved ones, so you may have a smaller list of attendees than you would like if you were to wed in the winter.

Colour schemes
Autumn is famed for the colours it brings us and taking inspiration from the abundant nature of the season for your colour scheme is a surefire way to have the perfect aesthetic. These colours can also be incorporated into your bridal makeup; think bronzer, golden hues, and autumnal tones in your eyeshadow.

You’ll dodge peak wedding season
Peak wedding season is generally from late spring to late summer and, whilst summer weddings are lovely, it can be difficult to (1) find availability from your favourite venues and suppliers and (2) work with your budget. Suppliers and venues will often bump up their prices during wedding season, but you’ll see them fall again as autumn comes around. 

At Holbrook Manor, we absolutely adore autumn weddings and you’ll have the option to say “I do” outside in our intimate Summer House setting or admire the autumn nature from the inside out, through the dual aspect windows in our Morning Room. To see a full list of our prices, click here.

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